Tesla vs Edison: Powering Up expansion

The Powering Up! expansion takes Tesla vs. Edison gameplay to a whole new level by infusing exciting new systems and introducing both a sixth player and a solitaire variant!  It brings new layers of strategy and fun to the Tesla vs. Edison experience without significantly lengthening game time.

With this expansion, you can build a headquarters, respond to historical events, and empower the historic women of the time!  A solitaire robot also challenges the solo player with dynamic play!

This expansion needs the base game to play.

Contains: 6 Inventor HQ cards, 1 New Inventor: Walker, 36 AI cards, 24 HQ cards, 21 Event cards, 19 Stock Certificates, 13 Luminary & Propaganda cards, 3 Player Aid cards, 20 Wooden Markers, and a 12 page rulebook.

Ages: 14 and up;  1-6 Players;  Playtime: 60-120 minutes.