Turn 2D pieces into a 3D sword! The sword of legend is broken, and it's up to you to reforge it! 

In Swordcrafters, players compete to forge the best sword scoring based on length, quality, and magic. Each round each player makes one cut in a grid of sword tiles to create a separation. After separations phase, each player selects one grouping of sword tiles and assembles them into their sword. When there are not enough sword tiles to form a new grid, scoring occurs.

Contains: 5 sword pommels, 10 sword hilts, 12 sword guards, 91 sword tiles, 18 sword magic cards, 1 first player token, 1 forge tile, scoring tracker and player tokens, 10 solo player variant cards and instructions.

Ages: 6+;  1-5 Players;  Gameplay: approx. 30 minutes.

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