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Roll the special die and eliminate your opponents. Strategically move your pawns up or around the cube to Squash your opponents!

The object is simple: Be the last pawn standing. Eliminate one opponent at a time by landing on or passing over another player; or, peg your way to the King to gain the power to flip the cube and wipe out all the pawns on an entire side in one satisfying squash of the cube so the pawns on the underside get pushed inside and out of play! But, watch out or you just might be the one getting Squashed.

Contains: 1 (hinged) Squashed cube, 1 Squash pad, 1 Die, 1 King piece, 16 Pawns (4 each of Red, Purple, Green, Orange), and instructions.

Ages: 6+;  2-4 Players.

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