Metal Dice Set: Spellbinder Nightfall

These hefty, solid metal dice are die-cast, non-toxic Zinc alloy, and electroplated with an ultra bright "Platinum" finish.

Corners are softened to improve rolling, for beauty and kindness to tables.

Each face is is hand painted with our new two-tone technique a two-tone technique, combining Aquamarine and Amethyst.

Contains: standard size 7 piece RPG (roll playing game) dice set in a protective dice case with foam insert with slots for each die.

(A 7 piece standard set includes: D4: Four-sided die {tetrahedron}; D6: Six-sided die {cube}; D8: Eight-sided die {octahedron}; D10: Ten-sided die, and D00: Ten percentile die {pentagonal trapezohedron}; D12: Twelve-sided die {dodecahedron}; and a D20: Twenty-sided die {icosahedron}.)

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