The award-winning, fast-matching, card-slapping, everyone-laughing picture game!

Slapzi is super-simple to learn, and super-fast to play! It's all about speed. Be the first to get rid of all five of your picture cards by matching them to the clue cards as they are turned over.

8 total ways to play, including Super Slapzi, Reverse Slapzi, and Twisted Slapzi.  Your Slapzi clue cards can even be used with the popular game, Itzi.

Teachers love Slapzi - this game can help develop rapid and confident cognitive flexibility and abstract reasoning while being extremely fun and simple to play. It's perfect for early finishers and team building activities.

Created by the same guys that brought you the dice game, Tenzi, it was awarded ASTRA Best Toys for Kids in the Family Game Night category.

Contains: 120 unique double sided picture cards, 65 clue cards, and instructions.

Ages: 6+;  2-10 Players.

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