Santa Maria

At the dawn of the Sixteenth Century, colonists are flocking to the New World. Each player will lead a colony, producing resources needed to expand the colony, form shipping routes, send out conquistadors to acquire gold, and increase their religious power to recruit and train new monks. After three games rounds, each of which represents a year, the player whose colony is the happiest (whomever has scored the most happiness points) is declared the winner!

Santa Maria is a dice-drafting, engine building Euro game in which each player is establishing and maintaining a colony in the New World. Santa Maria challenges players to think strategically and plan carefully to generate the most happiness points and have the happiest colony at the end of three rounds. Build the best colony and reap the rewards in Santa Maria!

Contains: 1 Common Board, 12 Blue Wooden Dice, 12 White Wooden Dice, 1 Year Marker, 8 Player Markers (2 of each color), 34 Shipment Tiles, 10 Scholar Tiles, 6 Bishop Tiles, 33 Expansion Tiles, 4 Town Hall Tiles, 24 Monk Tokens (6 of each color), 50 Coins, 72 Happiness Tokens, 60 Resource Tokens (wood, grain, sugar, gem, and gold), and instructions.

Ages: 12+;  1-4 Players;  Gameplay: 45-90 minutes.

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