S-Shape Liquid Timer

The Liquid Motion S-shaped Timer will captivate while it calms. The rhythm and movement of the drops is great for stress relief and relaxation.  It helps with increasing focus and promoting calmness.

Features dual colored liquid going down in a Z-formation, creating a cool visual effect. Multi-colored droplets bounce down a staggered plane in the shape of a Z at the same time--see the droplets make their way down, only to reform again into a larger clump at the bottom.

Makes an excellent desk toy, stocking stuffer, or unique timer for the classroom.

Great for science experiments.  How does temperature affect the flow? How do the timers vary against a stop watch?

Also great for sensory play, transition times, and task completion.

Measures:  5.25 × 3.75 × 2.5 inches.

Contains:  one S-shaped Liquid Timer - assorted colors.

Ages: 14+.