Several centuries ago, a celestial Leviathan cried on Titan, our planet. Its tears flooded our cities and our land. The people of the Dragons did their utmost to save as many of us as they could: Goblins, Shibuke, Reptilians, Sharks, and Amazons. The survivors of this deluge were brought to Dala, the highest mountain range of our celestial body, with its nine majestic summits. Nine summits that soon became 9 islands.

Since this long-forgotten tragedy, the five remaining, thriving nations have each colonized one of the islands, while stragglers and remnants of other, lesser clans struggle to endure this harsh, unforgiving world. Now RYU, the most ancient dragon, the one who ordered his own people to save us all, has returned! Let the celebrations begin!

In Ryu, players take on the role of one of five different races struggling to be the first to complete their effigy to the dragon and earn his favor. Throughout the game, players will travel across the nine islands that make up the land of Titan, exploring, prospecting, and collecting various dragon totems as they race to erect their statues first and appease the ancient dragon.

Contains: 5 wooden dragons, white cube, 8 cubes of each color (blue, orange and purple), 24 yellow cubes, fabric bag, 5 screens, 14 land tiles, 25 dragon tiles, influence tokens, exploration tokens, and rulebook.

Ages: 14+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 45 minutes.

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