Rubik's Revolution

Rubik’s Revolution offers 6 fast-paced, electronic games including LIGHT SPEED, in one device!

  • Multiplayer Madness: gives each player a limited time to find and deactivate one lighted side of the cube. Once you do that, you toss it to a friend. If you don’t get it out of your hands before the timer goes off, you lose.
  • Light Speed: sends you around the Revolution, hunting for lights and pressing them faster and faster before those lights go out.
  • Light Speed Trainer: is an easier version of Light Speed, for beginners and younger players.
  • Pattern Panic: is exactly what it sounds like, you have to remember patterns that the Revolution calls out, and input them.
  • Sounds Out: is more audio than visual, as the revolution played music at different levels. Your job is to press the button on the side that’s playing the loudest.
  • Full Charge: blinks all the lights on the cube, but at different times. You have to catch them, and light them up until you turn on all the sides and light up the entire Revolution.

Features include sounds, lights, and various skill levels that will keep you playing for hours!

Rubik’s Revolution is both a one player and multiplayer game!  Test your skills and beat your score or your friends’.

Ages: 6+;  1 Player *and* Multiplayer games.

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