Red Dragon Inn: Smorgasbox

Have we got an expansion for you – a new Red Dragon Inn character, an accompanying Battle for Greyport character, a reboot of one of our classic games, new promo content, and even an overflow storage solution for those of you who need one. Presenting – The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox!

*This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of any The Red Dragon Inn stand-alone game or Battle for Greyport is required to play.

**Some of the games require six-sided dice, which are not included. You will also need to provide your own betting tokens for Gambling? I'm In!

Contains: 40-card Roxana RDI Deck, 12-card Recipe Deck, 9-card Roxana Battle for Greyport Deck, 1 Roxana BfG Reinforcement Card, 3 Overized Roxana BfG Character Cards, 90-card Rogues & Warriors Deck, 5 Grey Cards, 3 Dragon Cards, 5 RDI Drinks, 2 RDI Prizes, 20 Otto Cards, 3 Foam Blocks, 2 Player Mats, 4 Deck Dividers, 12 Gold Coin Tokens, 3 Fortitude Markers, 3 Alcohol Content Markers, 1 Smorgasbox Token, 3 Belch Tokens, 6 Debuff Tokens, and Rules.

Ages: 13+;  30-60 minutes.

Players: for Red Dragon Inn: 2-5 (base game required)

            for Gambling? I'm In!: 2-10

            for Battle for Greyport: 2-5 (base game required)

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