Red Dragon Inn Allies: Witchdoctor Natyli Exp.

Natyli is an impulsive young troll who likes to make dolls of her friends and the monsters that she comes across in the dungeons. These aren’t normal dolls, though. They are magical, and she can use them to affect whomever the doll looks like, for good or ill. After foolishly using her dolls to prank the village elders, her uncle, Brewmaster Phrenk, decided that she’d probably be better off with his adventuring friends, where at least they could prank her back.

*Not a standalone game.  A Red Dragon Inn base game is required to play.

Contains: 40 Card Character Deck, 6 Debuff Tokens, 4 Rules Reminder Cards, 1 Player Mat, 12 Gold Coin Tokens, 1 Alcohol Marker, 1 Fortitude Marker, and Rules.

Ages: 13+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 30-60 minutes.

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