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Record Deal

Couch Concert!  You don’t need to be a good singer to rock this hilarious game of beats and base. Record Deal is the game of ludicrous lyrics paired with 16 song styles. Look up your backbeats on their website and get ready to groove!

Will you be crooning a Doo-Wop rendition of “Pancakes,” or jamming to “Dad Pants” with your best reggae beats?

Each player draws a lyrics card, spins for a song genre (backbeats provided) and gives their best performance for the other players!

Earn Record Deals by getting the most votes each round – whether your performance is hilarious or hilariously bad!

Contains: 192 Song Cards, 12 Voting Chips, 7 Record Deal Tokens, 6 Fire the Band Tokens, 1 Genre Spinner, 1 Dry-erase Marker and 1 Ballot Box Cover, and instructions.

Ages: 14+.

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