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Q Ba Maze 2.0 Deluxe Lights Set

Building with Q-BA-MAZE sparks even more creativity when cubes light up as marbles race through! Add gleaming eyes to your dragon maze. Build a marble run that looks like a light bulb and glows like one too! The possibilities are endless and brilliant! The motion-activated cubes flash blue, red, yellow or white every time a marble hits the cube floor.

Light-up cubes are battery operated; the batteries are included and can be replaced. All light-up cubes are single exit and compatible with all Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 sets.

One of the most brilliant STEM toys for developing creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  An exciting introduction to the building blocks of engineering and math.

Contains:  8 light-up cubes (2 of each color and batteries included), 4 rails, 52 colorful cubes and 20 nickel plated steel marbles (*not magnets).

Ages: 6+.

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