Q Ba Maze 2.0 Colossal Set

Q-BA-MAZE is a unique system of colorful cubes that interlock to form an exciting marble run. The big difference? The configurations are UNLIMITED: create runs shaped like rockets, robots, butterflies, or whatever design you want! Challenge your child's spatial skills with hours of continuous play. All Q-BA-MAZE kits are compatible.

Sure to create hours of entertainment, its huge size allows for endless STEAM experimentation with all kinds of shapes and possibilities.

Contains: 186 cubes, 8 light-up cubes, 18 rails, 9 stunt pieces, 4 coaster tubes, 8 marble catchers, 40 steel marbles (not magnets), a fabric marble bag and design ideas book.

Box measures: 18.3 x 16.6 x 8.5 inches, and approx. 10 lbs.

Ages: 6 to adult.

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