Purple and Orange Pearl Dice Set

It's been a long day of adventuring. You're sitting at the campfire and you look up... just in time to catch the most amazing sunset you've seen in long time! What a sight to behold! These are clear dice with orange and purple wisps throughout, and silver numbers for easy reading.

Great for dice collectors, gamers, and dungeon masters!

Contains: standard 16mm size 7 piece polyhedral dice set in a protective, clear plastic bag.

(7 piece standard set includes: D4: Four-sided die {tetrahedron}; D6: Six-sided die {cube}; D8: Eight-sided die {octahedron}; D10: Ten-sided die, and D00: Ten percentile die {pentagonal trapezohedron}; D12: Twelve-sided die {dodecahedron}; and a D20: Twenty-sided die {icosahedron}.)

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