Potato Chip Science

There’s a new branch of science in town—Potato Chip Science—a grab-bag of nourishing lessons in everything from physics to forensics, from navigation to neuroscience.

Packaged up in actual potato chip bag is an experimental world cooked up for kids who like science, and snacks, and snacking on science. Filled with whole brain goodness, this kit features 29 different snacktivities based entirely on the planet’s most miraculous munchies. We bet you can’t try just one!

Author:  Allen Kurzweil & son.

Contains: 96-page book with 29 different incredible experiments, Spud-powered sound chip, Potato propulsion pipe, Spud-powered clock, Electrodes, Optical stickers, Biodegradable packaging chips, Wire connectors, Googly eyes, Eco-friendly starch knife, and instructions.

Ages: 8 - 12;  Grades: 2 - 6.

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