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Popwallet Starry Skies

Simplify spending by attaching a PopSockets PopWallet to the back of your phone! There’s less to keep track of when everything is in the same, stylish place, and you can attach a PopGrip right on top.

Plus, you can avoid the overstuff with a slim profile that slides right into your pocket or handbag.

PopWallet sticks to smooth and hard cases. Will not stick to silicone, highly textured cases, and many soft cases.

Starry Skies design is a dreamy night sky that adds a whimsical touch to any transaction. Even buying a microwave burrito at the quickie mart.

Measures: Length: 3.54 inches, Width: 2.28 inches, Height 0.22 inches.

Contains:  one Galaxy Popwallet, and instructions.

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