Pitch Out

In Pitch Out you lead a team of 5 pitchers to victory, and each pitcher has a unique ability that changes how they are played.

On any smooth surface, the players set up and take turns playing one of their team’s pucks. As soon as a puck leaves the field of play it is eliminated.

A player loses the game if his Captain leaves the field or if all of his other pucks leave the field, leaving his Captain alone.

To win a game of Pitch Out, you must be victorious in two out of three rounds.

Will you choose to play with the Hoods, a brutal tribal nation able to use powerful old magic? Or the Citizens, a proud nation with extensive military experience?

Contains: 16 pucks, 18 character tokens, 5 defensive blocks, 1 travel bag and 1 rulebook.

Ages: 7+;  2 Players;  Gameplay: 10 minutes.

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