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Peloponnes: Heroes And Colonies Expansion

Ancient Greece is striving for new land for building colonies, which give your civilization individualized advantages and disadvantages. Build prestigious buildings, gain new land, and take advantage of your hero. But beware of the threat of the Persians and the other civilizations, who unite only when defending against the Persians.

Develop your civilization and colony during the eight rounds so that a balance is achieved between power and population points.

*Note: Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies expansion requires the base game, Peloponnes, to play.

Contains: 9 colony boards, 10 hero tiles, 2 “Round Overview” Tiles, 1 Overview Board, 1 Disaster Tile “Persians”, 8 Disaster Chits “Persians”, 1 Civilization“Sikyon”, 8 wooden figures, 15 coins, 24 Cloverleaves, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  2-8 Players (solo play version available);  Gameplay: 60 minutes.

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