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Pandemic: Rising Tide

In the Netherlands, flooding from North Sea storms and over flowing rivers are a constant threat. Join the effort to keep the country safe in Pandemic: Rising Tide, a tense new take on Pandemic.

In every game of Pandemic: Rising Tide, you join a team of Dutch Civil officials striving to keep the ever-encroaching waters at bay. Sailing these water-filled regions, you need to build dikes to control water flow, ports to facilitate travel, and windmills to pump water out of flooded lands. Ultimately, only teamwork will help you keep the waters at bay long enough to build the modern hydraulic structures that will help you defend against the flood!

Storms are brewing and the sea is growing restless. Will your efforts be enough to stem the rising tide?

Contains: 7 Pawns, 7 Role Cards, 78 Player Cards, 56 Dike Failure Cards, 4 Hydraulic Structure Tokens, 1 Sea Level Marker, 1 Reminder Marker, 5 Reference Cards, 1 Population Loss/Setup Summary Card, 50 Dikes, 5 Pumping Stations, 12 Objective Cards, 36 Water Cubes, 36 Population Cubes, 5 Ports, 1 Board, and rulebook.

Ages: 8+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 45-60 minutes.

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