On Tour

You’re taking your band on tour, but managing all these tour dates can be tricky. Each turn you will schedule shows in two states/countries for different dates until you have filled your map. Then you’ll draw a route to see how many states/countries you can visit on your tour.

The map starts empty and you’ll be adding the numbers (representing the dates) each turn. You’ll roll dice to determine what numbers to write, and flip cards to limit which regions you can write in. It will seem easy at first, but be careful not to paint yourself into a corner.

It’s a multiplayer, route-building, dice rolling, puzzle. All players are using the same dice rolls and card flips, so it is completely fair. Can you plan a better route than your friends?

Contains: 8 Player Boards,8 Dry Erase Markers,41 State Cards,40 Country Cards,2 Giant 10-Sided Dice, and Rulebook.

Ages: 8+;  1-8 Players;  Gameplay: 20-30 minutes.

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