New York Zoo

In New York Zoo, you are designing an animal park. Build enclosures, introduce new animals, and raise their offspring. The first player to cover all the construction spaces on their zoo board with Enclosure Tiles and Attractions wins the game.

Gameplay is straightforward as you have only two options on your turn: build a new enclosure in your zoo, or populate your zoo with more animals. But be sure to time your actions well since you want your zoo to participate in as many animal breedings as possible.

Contains:  8 Double-sided Zoo Boards,1 Action Strip (main board),45 Puzzle Piece Tiles,10 Animal Tiles,6 Special Tokens,32 Attraction Tiles,126 Custom Wooden Animal Tokens, and rules.

Ages: 10+;  1-5 Players;  Gameplay: 30-60 minutes.

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