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Nebula Purple dice set

Hiking along a vague trail when you look up and see a mystical purple haze.  You wonder what lies ahead for you.  These are clear dice with purple wisps throughout, and silver numbers for easy reading.

Great for dice collectors, gamers, and dungeon masters!

Contains: standard 16mm size 7 piece polyhedral dice set in a protective, clear plastic bag.

(7 piece standard set includes: D4: Four-sided die {tetrahedron}; D6: Six-sided die {cube}; D8: Eight-sided die {octahedron}; D10: Ten-sided die, and D00: Ten percentile die {pentagonal trapezohedron}; D12: Twelve-sided die {dodecahedron}; and a D20: Twenty-sided die {icosahedron}.)