Mr. Jack: Extension

The hunt for Jack continues, aided by six new detectives, including the sly Professor Moriarty, who is muddying the waters by impersonating suspects...

Meet the sultry Madam, flee the terrifying Pizer, avoid the revolutionary Joseph Lane's barricade, dodge Inspector Abberline, bound through London with the Spring-Heeled Man and watch out for Moriarty. Choose which of 8 characters to play and where they start the game. These new possibilities add fun and strategic depth. Master them all and win!

This extension for Mr. Jack is a revised edition of the 2009 version. It features a new set-up, new artwork with the original 5 characters aged 10 years - to fit to the 10th anniversary edition of the base game - but also an unpublished character (Moriarty) that totally changes the dynamic of the game!

*Not a stand-alone game. A copy of Mr. Jack base game is required to play.

Contains: 1 game board, 8 tokens, 6 tiles lit gaslights tiles, 2 covered manhole tiles, 6 double-sided tiles Gaslamp-Park, 1 Turn marker, 2 Police cordon tokens, 8 character cards, 8 Alibi cards, 1 witness card, and instructions.

Ages: 9+;  2 Players;  Gameplay: 30 minutes.

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