Mountains Out of Molehills

A Mensa Recommended Game!

Moles have traveled from all over to compete in the annual Mountain Maker tournament. In this light strategy game, competitors show their skill based on how high they can pile their molehills, and by how many mountains they control. 

The mole that can build and control the most mountains out of molehills over 6 rounds will be declared the ‘top tunneler’ and will win the game.

Features a two-level game board and full-color acrylic standees for each mole!

Contains:1 double-sided aboveground board, 1 double-sided underground board, 4 board frame pieces, 120 molehill pieces-30 in each color, 4 mole character standees with bases, 4 king of the hill tokens, 120 movement cards, 1 rock die, 1 rock token, 1 scorepad, and rules.

Ages: 9+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 45-60 minutes.

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