[microfilms] game

In one of the countless casinos of Monte Carlo, the stakes have never been higher, as between the games of cards and roulette, there is a game of spies and intel.

A familiar-looking Ambassador, on break from the many duties (parties, mostly) that tire him so much, has decided to combine business with pleasure. He has set up a private poker game and lured the world’s best 2-6 secret agents to it, seeking someone with whom he can do business.

The Ambassador prefers his own particular type of poker, with its own peculiar rules. Will you play his game and end up in the shark tank, or will you win and infiltrate the Ambassador’s organization?

In this quick game of wits, players can bribe, steal, blackmail – and, inspired by innovative double-blind mechanisms, they can also interrogate each other, gaining information necessary to win.

Contains:  20 casino chips, 6 double-sided suspicion tokens (with player aids), 25 cards (including 8 identities, 9 items, and 8 actions).

Ages: 12+;  2-6 Players;  Gameplay: 10-30 minutes.