Living Forest

Save the Forest and its sacred Tree from Onibi's terrible flames.

In Living Forest, you play one of the four Spirits of Nature - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn - trying to save the Forest. You’re not alone in this task, Guardian Animals have come together around the Circle of Spirits where you progress to help you. Each turn, they bring some precious elements and if you manage to combine a good team of Guardian Animals, you can perform actions optimally. But beware, some of them are solitary and do not like to meet other fellows.

Contains: 1 Circle of Spirits Central Board, 4 Individual Forest Boards, 14 Starting Guardian Animal Cards, 23 Level 1 Guardian Animal Cards, 16 Level 2 Guardian Animal Cards, 12 Level 3 Guardian Animal Cards, 23 Fire Varan Cards, 4 Spirit of Nature Standees, 1 Sacred Tree Standee, 4 Starting Protective Tree Tiles, 2 Protective Tree Dispensers, 58 Fire Tiles, 20 Fragment Tiles, 12 Victory Point Tiles, 1 Guardian Animal Board, 1 Fire Varan Board, 39 Protective Tree Tiles, and rulebook.

Ages: 10+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 40 minutes.

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