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Letters From Whitechapel: Dear Boss Expansion

The "Dear Boss" letter was received by the Central News Agency in London on Thursday, September 27th, 1888; it was forwarded to Scotland Yard two days later. It was written in red and contained many macabre details that could not be ignored. It was signed "Jack the Rippper." Whitechapel's terror had a new name, a name that would haunt the London district forever.

Return to the foggy streets of London and resume the tense game of cat-and-mouse between the police and Jack the ripper with dear boss, an expansion for letters from Whitechapel! you'll now have new tools for both sides that help you strike a perfect balance between hunter and hunted. The three decks included in the expansion add plenty of variety to the game, opening new avenues for the police to track down Jack – or for him to elude their clutches. No matter what variants you choose, the historical drama will play out with twelve beautifully-sculpted plastic miniatures that replace the policemen, Jack, and wretched tokens from the base game. With the addition of these cards and miniatures, dear boss provides the definitive letters from Whitechapel experience!

*This expansion requires the base game, Letters from Whitechapel, to play.

Contains: 25 Jack Suspect Cards, 5 Policemen Cards, 12 Potential Victim Cards, 2 Jack the Ripper Miniatures, 5 Policeman Miniatures, 5 Wretched Miniatures, and instructions.

Ages: 13+;  2-6 Players;  Gameplay: 90-120 minutes.

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