The legends of Brittan claim that a cauldron full of gold appears at the foot of each rainbow, and that tribes of Korrigans (similar to leprechauns) are competing to be the first to find it.

Each player controls a tribe of Korrigans, scouring fields to pick up four-leaf clovers. Clovers either give Korrigan gold coins or attract companions (hares, squirrels, birds, mice, frogs, and moles) that will help their Korrigan friends move from field to field in different ways.

Contains:  1 double-sided board, 48 Clover tokens, representing: Companions (hare, squirrel, etc). or Gold coins (1 to 4 Gold coins), 10 Korrigan figurines MAM (2 Korrigans per color), 1 Cauldron of gold figurine, 1 First player token, 5 backup Companion tokens (each with one Hare side and one Squirrel side), 16 Menhirs and 16 stickers to be placed under the menhirs (optional), 2 Elf tokens, 14 Rainbow pawns (2 pawns per color), 17 additional Clover tokens with yellow borders (used for 4 or 5 player games), 5 screens (1 screen per Korrigan color), 2 Goblin tokens, 1 Troll token with its card stand, 1 fabric bag, and instructions.

Ages: 8+;  2-5 Players.

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