The King has issued a challenge to the Guilds of the village - rid the surrounding forest of monsters!

• Choose Your Guild - Each has its own special ability.

• Visit the Village - Sharpen your sword, read your spellbook, recover your health, and fill your coin stash with gold! Village locations provide new resources, and let you refresh your old ones, before you venture out into the forest.

• Fight Monsters - Use your resources to defeat monsters for fame and glory! 

Contains: 5 Common Location boards, 8 Special Location boards, 1 “King’s Tally” Scoring board, 25 “Chapter I” Monster cards, 17 “Chapter II” Monster cards, 7 Guild cards, 7 Guild Scoring markers, 25 Sword tokens, 25 Spellbook tokens, 30 Heart tokens, 30 Coin tokens, 3 Adventurer meeples, 1 King’s Guard meeple, 1 Starting Player marker, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  1-5 Players;  Gameplay: 15-45 minutes.