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In Imhotep, the players become builders in Egypt who want to emulate the first and best-known architect there, namely Imhotep.

Over six rounds, they move wooden stones by boat to create five seminal monuments, and on a turn, a player chooses one of four actions: Procure new stones, load stones on a boat, bring a boat to a monument, or play an action card. While this sounds easy, naturally the other players constantly thwart your building plans by carrying out plans of their own. Only those with the best timing — and the stones to back up their plans — will prove to be Egypt's best master builder.

You must get your stone blocks to the right places, in the right order, at the right time to be the greatest ancient Egyptian architect.

Reinforces: strategy thinking, problem solving, spatial reasoning, communication skills, and history.

Contains: 120 Wooden blocks (called 'stones'; 30 in each of the 4 game colors: black, white, brown, and gray), 5 Site boards (Market, Pyramids, Temple, Burial Chamber, Obelisks), all double-sided with different placement rules to add variety to the game play, 1 Scoring track board, 8 Ship tokens, 4 Supply sled tokens (1 in each of the 4 game colors: black, white, brown, and gray), 21 Round cards, 34 Market cards, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 40 minutes.

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