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The acclaimed Munificent Theatrical Festival is just around the corner, and while the king's mood is not yet settled, the show must go on!

Histrio is an ever-changing game of card-collecting and resource management that pits players against each other to put on the best performance. Compete with the other troupes to recruit actors from around the Kingdom and decide how your finest performers can serve you best.

Once the actors have been recruited, the festival will begin and the player who best satisfies the king's fickle desires will emerge victoriously. But watch out... if the King ever changes his mind and the mood slider goes from comedy to tragedy (or vice versa), the backdrop on the stage will literally spin around to match his current preference!

If, at the end of the season you’ve recruited wisely, you’ll earn enough money to make you the richest acting troupe in the land. Once two seasons have been completed, the richest player is the winner.

Contains: 48 Encounter Cards, 22 Secret Request Cards, 40 Travel Cards (8 in Each Player Color), 40 Caravels (8 in Each Player Color), 15 Managers (3 in Each Player Color), 1 Central Board, 1 3D Theatre, 80 Plastic Coins, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  2-5 Players (Best with 3-4);  Gameplay: 40 minutes.

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