Hand Boiler

A classic science toy that is sure to please!

Place the larger glass bulb in your hand, gently wrap your fingers around it and watch what happens...  You'll see the colorful liquid begin to shoot up the twisting, turning glass vessel. Once at the top, the colored liquid will begin to bubble‚ just as if it were boiling!  Once out of your hands, it takes a few minutes for the liquid to "cool down".

How does it work?
The heat of your body causes the air in the hand boiler to expand.  As the air expands, it forces the liquid to move up through the tube.  When the liquid has moved to the top bubble, the air is still expanding and it bubbles through the liquid, making it look like it is boiling.

This demonstrates Charles’s law and energy transfer perfectly! This also makes a smart looking desk accessory!

Weighs:  approx. .10 lbs.

Measures:  7″ tall and 2″ wide at base.

Contains:  one glass Hand Boiler with blue liquid inside, instructions, and many facts printed on box that will assist in teaching how a hand boiler works and explain key scientific terms.

*Made of glass so keep out of reach of young children.

Ages: 14+.