Gravity's Edge

When you play Gravity’s Edge, you’ll need to do more than just follow the rules. You’ll need to follow the laws of physics!

Players take turns placing the weighted Tipping Points one by one. As each new Tipping Point is added, the tower's balance becomes increasingly unstable. The longer the game goes on, the more intense each turn becomes! Try to bring the game into balance or push the limits to leave your opponents out on a limb. Whatever you do, don't let gravity get the best of you or you will topple the tower and lose the game!

Contains:  1 Gravitational Pole (including 7 small spokes, 7 large spokes, 3 counterweight baskets, 1 center dome), 1 balance pole, 1 base, 14 small tipping points, 14 large tipping points, and instructions.

Ages: 6+;  2 or more Players.