GraviTrax: The Game-Impact

You're just given the START and FINISH positions... Can you construct a connecting track with all the specified pieces? Build more intricate tracks as you progress through the 30 tasks, solo or with friends.

In GraviTrax The Game: Impact, hammer home the path to puzzle-solving fun with progressively problematic challenges!

Put your spatial and logic skills to work puzzling out the exciting challenges — fun for marble run pros and newbies alike!

30 challenges.

Contains: 30 task cards, 6 tutorial cards, 1 Hammer Action Stone, 1 start, 1 landing (basic) tile, 7 curves, 1 junction, 7 plastic tracks, 4 height tiles, 3 base plates, 1 marble, 1 solution/instruction booklet. 64 parts in total.

Ages: 8+.

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