GraviTrax Extension: Flextube

Connect different levels of your tracks with the GraviTrax FlexTube and keep the fun racing along!

What comes up, must come down, and with the GraviTrax FlexTube you’ll easily change your marble’s direction and track level in a race to the finish!  Each tube may be configured in a 60-degree angle, u-shaped or s-shaped tubes to add extra stunts to your amazing marble run. The set also includes 4 height tiles to raise your run even higher! It’s a snap to combine FlexTube with any GraviTrax Starter Set or themed set to experience the power of gravity and educational fun today!

*GraviTrax Starter Set or other theme set required to play.

Contains: 4 FlexTubes, 4 height tiles and instructions.

Box Measures: 7.5 x 7.5 inches.

Ages: 8+.

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