GraviTrax Expansion: Spiral

Take your marbles on a dizzying journey to a whole new level of fun with the GraviTrax Spiral!

Put a spin on your amazing marble run with the GraviTrax Spiral! With different height options, you can connect and stack multiple curved pieces to configure the Spiral to take your marbles round and round from one level to another.

GraviTrax is designed with open play in mind, so it’s a snap to combine this accessory with any Starter Set or themed set. Add a tower of dizzying action to your marble run and spiral up the power of gravity and educational fun today!

*GraviTrax Starter Set or other theme set required to play.

Contains: 2x Spiral Bases.

Box Measures: 7.5 x 7.5 inches.

Ages: 8+.

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