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Star Trek Chrono-Trek

In this game, you take on the ID of one of your favorite Star Trek characters as you try to alter history to restore your specific timeline!

A special grid of 36 cards is displayed in the center of the table, representing the current state of the Timeline of Star Trek history. Other cards include important Artifacts (such as Tribbles or the Guardian of Forever) and Inverters, which ripple reality and change the outcome of pivotal events. Your secret ID card tells you what parts of the Timeline you must change — or preserve — in order to win. But watch out for Q… he might just erase all of reality! Maybe you need to ensure that the Federation gets founded, or just retrieve the Orb of Time and some tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Contains:  172 cards, and instructions.

Ages: 11+;  2-6 Players;  Gameplay: 15-45 minutes.

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