Fitzroy's Teardrop Storm Glass

The storm glass was popularised by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his historic voyage on the HMS Beagle. The Teardrop Storm Glass comes with a stand, making it a wonderful gift.

How the Storm Glass works is still a mystery, but it is believed that electromagnetic changes in weather patterns activate the crystals inside (sealed glass chamber fill with crystals when air pressure decreases).

This is a gorgeous decorative gift idea for the person who has everything or someone who finds meteorology fascinating.

A: Clear Liquid = Bright and clear weather,
B: Cloudy Liquid = Sometimes with small stars and crystals at the top. Cloudy weather and often predicts thunderstorms and rain,
C: Small Stars in Liquid = Humid or foggy weather,
D: Large Flaky Crystals = Cloudy skies, snow in winter,
E: Threads of Crystals At The Top = Windy Weather,
F: Crystals At The Bottom = Frost may be coming.

Presented in a decorated box, measuring 13.5 H x 6.25 L x 6.25 W inches.

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