Escape Puzzle 759: Forbidden Basement

Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE the forbidden basement?  This is more than just jigsaw puzzle!

Puzzle meets game experience!  READ the story to understand your objective, ASSEMBLE the puzzle, SOLVE the 6 riddles hidden in the scene, CONNECT the solution pieces, and REVEAL your escape!

A long lost relative has passed away and you are visiting their estate to establish who is “most worthy” of the inheritance. Upon arrival, the door is locked. You look through a window to search for a way in and see faded lettering on the far wall: “Intuition is the key to discovering your fortune.” Puzzled, you step back triggering a loud click-a trap door opened beneath your feet.. Could your inheritance be in here?

Contains: 759 piece escape room puzzle (finished size 20 x 27 inches), a set of instructions, and an envelope with the answers.

Ages: 12+;  1-4 Players.

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