Escape Puzzle 368: Midnight in the Garden

Find the symbol to guarantee everlasting love and save yourself from a lonely life as you solve our “Escape: Midnight in the Garden” puzzle!

After years of a solitary existence, one where you’ve depended on animals to feed your constant vampire thirst, you’ve finally found true love! But you fear this love won’t last, and tonight is the only night in a century to guarantee your happiness. Can you follow the clues, solve the hidden mysteries and find the symbol you need to escape a desolate future?

Puzzle meets game experience!  READ the story to understand your objective, ASSEMBLE the puzzle, SOLVE the 6 riddles hidden in the scene, CONNECT the solution pieces, and REVEAL your escape!

*The puzzle image on the box isn't identical to the one on the box and those differences may help you solve the riddles!

Contains: one 368 piece jigsaw puzzle (finished size 20 x 27 inches), instructions and solution envelope.

Ages: 14+;  1-4 Players.

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