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Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords is a game for aspiring Dungeon Lords. You get to dig tunnels, mine gold, hire monsters, create traps and care about all the things a proper dungeon needs. It is not easy, as the competition for resources is stiff and sometimes you have to get a bit evil to get what you want - and the more evil you get, the stronger the adventurers your dungeon attracts. Twice a game, these adventurers set off to conquer your dungeon. Command your monsters and use your traps to stop them, before they do too much damage.

In the end, you score based on your achievements: constructing and defending your dungeon, and perhaps winning some prestigious titles.

Contains: Central Board, Progress Board (with a Building side and a Combat side), Distant Lands Board, 4 two-sided Dungeon Boards (in 4 colors), 32 Orders Cards (8 in each color), 8 Overview Cards (2 in each color), 18 Combat Cards, 27 Trap Cards, 9 Special Event Cards, 24 Monster (or Ghost) Tiles, 16 Room Tiles, 32 Adventurer Tiles, 2 Paladin Tiles, 3 Event Tiles, 42 Tunnel Tiles, 3 Troll Tokens, 20 Item Tiles, 12 Minion Figures (3 in each color), 4 Evil Counters (1 in each color), Starting Player Token, Progress Marker, about 40 Imp Figures, about 30 Food Tokens, about 30 Gold Tokens, about 40 Damage Counters, and rulebook.

Ages: 14+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 90 minutes.

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