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Disc Duelers

Disc Duelers is a fast-paced character driven game of free-for-all battling! 

Players take turns moving their character discs by flicking them along the table, attempting to collide with enemies and smash them into terrain, or off of the table to do damage. Can be played on any smooth tabletop using everyday objects on the table to act as terrain that create obstacles that players need to work around.

Disc Duelers contains over 50 characters and rules for multiple play modes like Classic Brawl, Volleyball, Cooperative Boss, and more!

Appropriate for any group that likes a slightly more complex party game, or for duelists who want a more skill-oriented competitive game.

Contains: 52 Character cards, 50 Item cards, 1 sticker sheet, 53 Character discs, 1 black wood disc, 4 red wood mini-discs, and 6 brown wood cubes, and rulebook.

Ages: 10+;  2-6 Players;  Gameplay: 45 minutes.

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