Disaster Looms!

The race to escape Earth has begun! With the world's nations in decline, powerful corporations now stand as humanity's last hope. Take the reins of one such corporation, as CEO, and venture out into space. Build ships, collect resources, research technologies, survive the dangers of space exploration, and preserve the human race.

Remember to stay a step ahead of competing corporations, which can use slick marketing campaigns and 10 cent tchotchkes to buy the loyalty of the people you just saved from certain doom!

Contains: 57 exploration tiles, 55 technology cards, 90 customer tokens, 100 resource tokens, 48 corporate tokens (12 of each color), 16 space ships (4 of each color), 6 warp gate tokens, 6 warp gate stands, 4 orbital platform tokens, 1 Earth tile, 1 first player token, 1 space elevator token, 4 player dashboards, 4 pointer discs, 4 plastic connectors, and instructions.

Ages: 11+;  2-4 Players;  Gameplay: 1-2 hours.

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