Cytosis: Virus Expansion

The expansion adds Influenza, Rhino Virus and Ebola. Player may pay ATP to build up their antibodies to each of the three viral strains. When a Virus attacks, all player will roll a number of antibody dice according to their level of health and add it to the antibodies they've accumulated throughout the game. The player with the higest antibody response will gain resources while the player with weakest antibody response will lose resources.

*The Virus Expansion needs to be played with the base game, Cytosis.

Contains:  6 cell component cards, 2 goal cards, 3 event cards, 1 board modification card, 3 track modifier pieces, 15 antibody markers, 5 player mats, 3 antibody dice, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  2-5 Players;  Gameplay: 60-90 minutes.

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