As the Commander of a team of Catstronauts, you’ll take on fast-paced missions to visit planets across the solar system and rescue poor helpless kittens!

Catstronauts is a family speed and sequence game where players race to match their numbered catstronauts by slamming their cats down on each planet card in the correct order. 

With 16 ‘meeples’ that can be customized with 16 unique cat face stickers, players can build their purr-fect team of expert Catstronauts

Contains: 1 mint tin, 16 Catstronaut meeples, 13 Kitten meeples, 7 location cards, 25 mission cards, 2 stickers sheets with 16 cat faces on each 

Ages: 8+; 2-4 Players; Gameplay: 15 minutes

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