Cantaloop 1 - Breaking Into Prison

The “Interactive Adventure” series is a story game in book format. Like a computer “point & click” adventure, this game tells a non-linear story full of quirky characters, useless items, and tough riddles.

Explore different locations, collect and combine items, talk to different characters, and find out how the story unfolds.

In Part 1 of the trilogy, you're the small-time criminal Oz "Hook" Carpenter who just returned from exile, seeking revenge on the person who made you leave in the first place. But you won't stand a chance against the most powerful crook of the city all by yourself. You need a team of people with a unique set of skills if you even want the slightest chance to succeed.

Ages: 16+;  1 or 2 Players;  Gameplay: 5-8 hours.

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