Bloodsucker Dice Set-black & silver

The adventures in a land of fantastic vampires, lycanthropes, ghost ships of horror and Gypsies were the best we could play. We’ve been cherishing those memories up to this day.

This Bloodsucker Dice set is black as the night of horror adventures, with a glass of dark coke and a deep hollow voice of Game Master, telling us frightful stories about vampire's land full of Crows and Bloodsuckers. The deep engraving, similar to the best cemetery metalwork, is filled with quicksilver paint (non-toxic) resembling the unquiet nights and mists full of vampiric thralls.

Contains: set of seven (7) blackest black polyhedral dice with easily legible silver numbers.  Presented in a mystically frightful box.

Box measures: approx. 4.5 x 3 inches.