Bllöx Stacking Race

Bllöx is the simple, wacky and fast-paced stacking race that is sure to get your whole group laughing!

Bllöx builds and improves a child's dexterity, motor development, color recognition, pattern recognition and most importantly - it's HEAPS of fun! 

Contains: 20 FSC (*this means environmentally friendly!) wood blocks in 5 colors and 42 stacking combination cards. We’ve also included a 36 card wacky pack. This pack provides 36 wacky and creative ways to play…such as stacking on a body part, stacking while hopping on one foot and stacking with your eyes closed!

You can play Bllöx as an individual player or team. 

*Wood harvested sustainably from well-managd forests!

Ages: 6+;  2-4 Players.

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