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Monster Crackers Ornament - Bayou Bill

He has the busiest workshop outside the North Pole! Check out Bayou Bill, he is part of the lovable squad of collectable monster zombie holiday nutcracker ornaments, called MONSTER CRACKERS.

Each Monster Cracker has their own personality and story to tell! They represent the outsiders, the marginalized, and anyone who has the courage to be yourself when you feel a little different and don't fit in with the normal crowd.

Make the holidays more inclusive and a lot more colorful!

Celebrate the maker and creator in your family with this dapper voodoo dude who knows the best way to work it out is to keep trying till it’s done.

Hey, Bayou Bill here. I’m the man with the plan who can invent anything, including Mr. Bones, my trusty assistant. We come up with all kinds of insane ideas- like our candy slime machine or teleportation headphones. Reach for your dreams! If you can think it, you can make it!

Show some love for the eccentrics and dreamers in you life with Bayou Bill. Bayou Bill’s crazy inventions only sound nuts until he makes them real. He helps the other Monster Crackers realize that problems just lead to opportunities that haven’t been discovered yet.

Measuring approx. 4-3/4 inches tall, each stationary wooden ornament is hand-painted and artist-crafted.

Many features include: a wooden base to allow ornaments to stand, as well as hang with the loop for decoration; a full color gift box that has the character’s bio on the back; and the Monster Cracker logo on the bottom, so you know it’s an official Monster Crackers product.

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